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Employee Relief Fund

Donor Honor Roll

Grossman/Cohen Family
This gift is from Elisabeth J Cohen, MD and Robert I Grossman, MD
Jared C. Dukas
The Considine Family
The Considine Family Christmas gift to help those affected by Super Storm Sandy!
Lee Clements
Joel Belasco
Rob Danzig
Terry Pearl
Hedi L. Leistner, MD
PEM Physicians
In honor of our extraordinary colleagues in the Tisch ED
Dustin Lab
Carrie Rooke
Loren Greene
Kristin Curcio
Jo Ann McGreevy
No one deserves help more than those who are always helping others!
Pat Bartley Daneiele
In memory of Sharon Baum.
Asim Javid The 14 West Family
I hope to contribute more as I get more pay checks!
Diana J Delgado
Elaine L.
In memory of the children of Sandy Hook.
Natalie Perez
David Staffenberg
May we all be stronger through this historic experience.
Sandra Fiorelli
Pamela Rosenthal
HIM Department
HIM Department
This gift is being made on behalf of the Department of Health Information Management.
Tony Huang
Antoinette Murphy-Walcott
My prayers are with you all during these very challenging times. Stay positive!
Cowana Tejada
Liz Tymczyszyn
J. Vera King
Jeanette Leonard
On behalf of my entire team
Vlahakis Family
Goldman Healthcare Consulting
In recogntiion of the Faculty Group Practice management team
Michael And Gloria Marmor
NYU MS Care Center
We are donating $1,000 as our Christmas donation. $650 in checks will be mailed today and $350 will be donated via credit card.
Chetan Prabhudesai
Margaret Kasper
in honor of Andrea Downey, Matthew Volm
Human Resources
This gift is being made on behalf of the Human Resources Staff in Compensation, Transactions and HRIT. Our hearts go out to all of our colleagues impacted by the Hurricane and all our best for speedy recovery now and in the new year
Judith Aberg, MD
Judith Hochman
Andrology Lab
Best Wishes and Good Luck!--Xavier, Maengel & Geraldine
Dr Jeffrey And Deborah Wisoff
Brad W. McLeland
HIM Department
NYU PICU/CCVCU Nursing Staff
In the Spirit of Giving and in lieu of individual Holiday gifts this year for our staff, Maria, MaryEllen and Sue (PICU/CCVCU Nursing Leadership) have made a donation to this Employee Relief Fund in the name of the PICU/CCVCU Nursing Staff. We hope t
John And Magdalen De La Cruz
Michael Margiotta MD
Richard Winslow
Love the folks who work and lead here.
Franco Muggia, Andrea Downey
In honor of Franco Muggia M.D. And Andrea Downey, RNP whose dedication to their patients and colleagues is immeasurable.
Ken Nditsi
Wishing you all a quick recovery. God bless.
Nolan Karp
Hospital Budget Team
Hospital Budget Team
Hospital Budget Team
Hospital Budget Team
Austrian Family
Rachel Shupe
Irina And Anatoly Zusman
Joanne Staha And Family
Charles R. Marmar, MD
I am delighted to assist my colleagues in this time of need
Lisa L. Gumbrecht
Glenn Hirsch
Josephine Markiewicz
David Polsky MD, PhD & Family
Robert Press MD PhD
Mary Enquist
Dr. Norman Otsuka
Dhayra Perez
Remember This Kid Storybooks
In honor of JB and MJ
Phuong Nghi
Elizabeth Roman
Take Care!
Gautam Sinha
Adriana Manikian
Steven Flanagan
Drs. P.R. Smith And M Schulman
Adam & Katie Davis
The Murray Family
My family and I are deeply moved by the devastation that desrupted so many of my co-workers lives in the tri-state area. This is a token of our cares and concerns for our co-workers.
David And Roslyn Levine
Joon Song
Sara Kramer, MD
Martin Costa
Barbara Vance, PhD
Wishing you all the best.
Joe Postiglione
Andrew D. Rosenberg MD
Informatics Center
For our colleagues in need
Tom Riles, MD
Chris Petillo
Dr Howard Riina And Family
John T. Capo, MD
Nina Bhardwaj
Judy Sabater
"And This Too Shall Pass"
Donna Langenbahn
The Placantonakis Family
The Liang's Family
We will be stronger!
Angela Nelson
Lokaiyan, G
Smiti & Akshay Nadkarni
John Davidson
Maureen Doran
Joanne Carey
Natalie Fredericks
Dr. Jeffrey And Melanie Spivak
Zahid Family
Linda Gaboff
Fran Drummond
Nicole Dittmar
Nala Perez
Bret J. Rudy MD
Jayne Johnston
Yelena Sionova
Jeff And Pam Manko
The Triola Family
Ava M. Powell
My God bless all effected by this calamity. Our prayers are with you.
Leeandra And Tyrone James
Praying for everyone who was affected by hurricane Sandy.
Diana Tavarez
Barbara Delmore
To my colleagues and friends, I wish you well. Barbara
Friend Of Dermatology
My thoughts, best wishes and gratitude are with my colleagues in need.
Matthew A. Haber
NYU has given me the gift of a medical education, and as a medical student I have been highly moved by the teamwork, resilience, and support that everyone here has demonstrated, both in the wake of the hurricane and in the aftermath. I hope that this con
Natalie Jones-Bruce
Just remember that nothing last forever, and this too shall pass. May God bless you.
Wu (Isabel) Peng
Judith Schipper
Richard Novick
Good luck getting back on your feet!
SharRon McCoy
Jeanne Webster
Peter Izmirly & Lucy Farr
Prashiela Manga
Wanda Oliveras
Hoping that your lives go back to normal soon - and very grateful that I am able to help, if only a little bit. Bless you during these difficult times!
Sinead And Mike Brooks
Satish Dhalla, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Barbara And Howard Weiner
The Raghavan Family
Peter Harrington
Prabhjot Grewal & Sumit Kumar
Toni M McLaurin
Elaine Saville And Dan DeStefa
Dr And Mrs. Richard Lebowitz
The Yarri Family
Lynn Buckvar-Keltz
Noel Perin MD
Andrew And Heran Darwin
Jose Jimenez
Joan Rooney
Betsy De Leon
Janet Alexis
Claudio Basilico
Buck Consultants
Happy to help our partner in need.
Jeffrey Allen
Tom & Peggy Feuerstein
Mary Anne Loftus
Don And Lisa Casey
Our hearts go out to those in need. Don and Lisa Casey
Andrea Pratt-Anglin
I am proud to be apart of the NYU Family. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to those affected.
Deborah Rovner
Paul E. Hammerschlag, MD, FACS
We have a very special culture of caring at NYU, much of which is due to our wonderful staff/community at NYU.
Mel Rosenfeld
David Chan
Daniel Stone
Elyse Cohen
Judy Benstein
Harold Arredondo
Melissa Pearson
The Sheth Family
Cindy Loomis & Joseph Neuhaus
Patrick & Heather Swift
Meghan Bermudez
Devinsky Family
Shellie-Ann Proute
Caren Behar MD
Lola Jemilugba
Franco Muggia, MD
Greg Rider & Ed Haley
Warren Young, MD
Concerned Co-worker
Monique Phillips
Luis R. Marcos
Dorinda Capole
Kim And Ron Glassman
Iman Osman MD
Loretta M Casey
The Schutzer-Schreff Family
Roble Family
Cristal S
Lynne Pinkney
Elisa Ortiz-Alamo
Steven M Cohen4207
Cindy Osman, MD
Colin Phoon
Sandy Zabar And Ira Breite
Mary Ann Hopkins
Nancy Fefferman & Edward Katz
James L. Speyer M.D.
The Speed Family
Linda E. Both
SDA Staff &Ms Karin Abbinante
Our hearts go out to our friends and co-workers who have experienced the life changing impact of Hurricane Sandy. SDA stand behind our NYU Family!!
Rahul Sharma, MD
special thanks to the entire NYULMC family! We will rebuild and be even better!
Paul Testa
Proud of NYULMC family.
Mark Pochapin
Fredric Burns
Cathleen Heffernan And Family
Simon Tom
Haroon Saeed
Jeremy Paul
Regina Trainor
Nagamah Sandra Deygoo
I am happy to contribute towards the rebuilding.
Ken Carr
Nirmal C Tejwani
Revenue Integrity Team
For many of us, our co-workers are our 2nd family. Let us stand by their side durring this tough time and provide them with the much needed support that they and their families will be grateful for.
Michael A Nardi
Sharon And Geoffrey Martinez
Deborah Axelrod
Wishing us strength and courage during this challenging time.
Nina Setia
Alba Greco, MD
David S. Goldfarb MD
The Gullatt Family
In do time everything will be okay.
Indu- Maanya-Ravi Ramasamy
Robert Jacoby And Family
Llinas Family
Sandy will make us stronger
Max, Sarah & Alex Shevrin
Chau Trinh-Shevrin
Cohen Family
Sandra Demaria
Dermatologic Associates
Irina,Charlene,Marina,Pamela,Jamilia,Helena,Danielle,Fabricio,Giselli,Cherice,Robert and Merilyn.
Richard Margolis
Susan E Katz
Bob Hoffman
I wish I could do more for those so many in need
Daniel K. O'Neill, M.D.
The Lebwohl Family
Beverly And Murray Cohen
An additional gift because so many are in need of help.
Jim Song
Bruce Raphael
Anthony J Grieco
Dr Dennis Goodman
Ann Marie Schmidt
Michael Schlame
Michael Perskin
Ron Adler
DIana Hong
William Shapiro
Kristen Lee And Family
Naoko Tanese
Catherine Klein
Ruth Crowe
Alon Mogilner
Howard Abikoff
Abe DeAnda Jr., MD
Narayanan Narayanan
Proud to be part of the NYULMC family
Federico And Sarah Milla
Mark Philips
Laura J Monahan, MD
Michael & Mary Brabeck
Bhagavathi Narayanan
I am thankful to be part of the NYULMC faculty
Leslie Gold
Wishing recovery of peace and happiness
Wei Dai
Mitch Chesler
Jeffrey Berger
Joseph Weisstuch, MD
Clark Goldstein
Tom Roland
Jenny Zambrano
Wishing all families a very happy thanksgiving through these times.
Jackipin Goon
Tatiana Odato
Maria Cristina Guballa
Chris Weston
Debra Menaker And Family
Karen And Stephen Becker
Michael Burke
To help those of our family who need it to get back on their feet
Minette Gorelik
Madeline Rios
Kate Greco
Steve And Jane Hubbard
Sheilah Rosen
Many thanks to the Human Resources Department for their gracious hospitality over the past few weeks.
Sarah Farkas
Linda Carter, Ph.D.
Nader Mherabi
Gbenga Ogedegbe
Nursing Staff/ 23street Amb
Linda Thompson
Linda K. Franks
Ramon Garcia
Andrew G. Franks, Jr.
Melissa Busovsky-McNeal, MD
Hideko Kamino, MD
Adam H. Skolnick
Maria Andrade-Lugo
Rishi Seth
Mary Sullivan
William Huang & Jamie Kanofsky
Xiomara Cruz
The Walko Family
Kimberly Morrone
Phil & Shari Reiss
Lisa Silverman
Heekoung Youn
The Morales Family
Sara Chambers
Tobia Family
James Kearney
Diana Adelman
Robert Baker
Michelle Tropper
Dektiarev Family
Michelle Choi
Stacey Chait
Helping colleagues rebuild together
Larissa Matthews-Abrams
Noel Perin
Richard Donoghue
Bernard Birnbaum
Mola Family
Mitchell Charap
Bob Berne
Suzanne Howard
Patricia Hughes
Dafna Bar-Sagi
Larry Rebich
Kenneth A. Levey MD
To the hard working team at NYU from everyone at NY Pelvic Pain and Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery. PC
Donna Marino
Georgia And Rick
David Benfield
Constantin Aliferis
Wendy Cunningham
Chrystal Johnson
Hope this is a ray of sunshine for those who have weathered the storm.
Jeff Williams
Steve Abramson
Ross Basch
Susan Abramowitz
Lisa Greiner
Nancy Rodenhausen
Sophia Lougiakis
Patricia Caden
The Bandaranayake Family
Deb Chavis-Keeling
Let's rebuild together!
Stephen And Eva Dowdell
Wesley & Denise Smith
Alexes Hazen
Our Employees are heroic and first rate
Susan Finkelstein
Maria C. Sciancalepore-Esteve
Alan S. Berkeley, M.D.
Marianne Hardart
Lynn Koch
Cristina Fernandez & Family
God Bless You All.
Robert Toso
Kajal Desai
Philip Baldock
Gwynne Nemcek
Stay strong and hopeful.
Dr Mary Ellen Brademas
Charles Bridgeman
To help my friends and family in Staten Island, NY
Alex W. Malarchuk
Shirley Hausman
Kathryn Coichetti-Mazzeo
Gladys L. Colon
Richard Cohen
The Suresh's Family
Robin Weiner Renteria
J. Margolies
Nancy Jacoby
Glad to help those who have given so much to others
Melissa Y. Sosa
Kelly Wickers
Maxine Simon
Maureen & Subhendu Ghosh
Ruth Lehmann
Michele Lloyd
Makoto Tokiwa
Judith Morris De Celis
Robert Meislin, M.D.
Andrea Hines
Jessica Davis
Vicki Match Suna
Celeste Cassese-Turchioe
Aburey Galloway, MD
Rosh MFM
Fereshteh Boozarjomehri
Daniel Barnwell
Alexandre De Moura, M.D.
Dan Driesen
Leitman Family
Ellen M. Heasley
Maria Olivero
Tamar Stone
You are not alone. Together we can make a difference
David And Candy Keefe
Emily Hacker
Lucy F. Cribben
Lawrence Phillips
Halia Melnyk
Daniel Rifkin
Robin Freedberg
Tom Errico
Marc Gourevitch
Michael And Wendy Recht
Sheryl Bushman, DO
Dolores Malaspina & Mark Rosen
Prudence And George Thurston
William L. Carroll
Hannah Klein
P. Louie
Sheila Eisenberg
G. Leslie Bernstein
Margo Bloom
Maureen And Noel Testa
Margaret Meagher
Mark Pollard
David & Diana Godfried
Regina Trainor
Joyce M. Long
Cyprian Devine-Perez
MCIT Corporate Systems Group
Proud to be part of NYULMC and Helping NYULMC Employees
Max Costa
Kathy Granger
Alexandra Lee
Silvia Formenti
Helen Duss
Keeping the entire NYULMC community in my thoughts and prayers!
Audrey Ehrmann
Seth Orlow MD PhD
Steven Galetta
Joseph Zuckerman
Ann Vanderberg
Haoyi Zheng
Holly F. Lofton, MD
Ning Wu
I can feel your sufferings.
Gerald DeSilva
Please know we are with you in pray and spirit. Hoping for a very speedy recovery
Michael Browdy
Danielle Cosimano Milbauer
Sheila Scott
Eileen Nowell
Tony Rocha
Cathy McPolin
Lourdes Torres
Tony Shorris
Doris Farrelly
Dennis Danilewicz & Family
Elena Long
D. Marolia & Z. Dabhoiwala
Stephen And Martha Siegel
Deborah Considine
Nina And Alex
Beau Everett
Isaac & Suri Pinter
Just a little way to show how much we share in your pain and care for your happiness.
Cynthia Morgan
Kristin Stevens
James Loos
Paula Weiss
Anita Smitherman
Without Power, But Never Powerless. May God Bless Us All!
Waveney Joseph
Maria Elisa DiVincenzo
Glenn Saxe
Suzanne O'Sullivan
Jennifer Schwartz
Stacie Bloom
Julia Levy
David A Dibner
Tracy Catanzariti
Kimbirly Moriarty
Andrea Frame
Nancy Dean
Jean-Marie Bruzzese
Amy Horrocks
SUe And Family
From our family to yours.
Eileen Pfreundschuh
Sandy Holstein
Arthur Caplan
Libby Rivkin
Renat Sukhov MD
Meng Wang
Open to volunteering work outside normal work schedule. - Meng Wang
Joe Pratko
The Rivera Family
It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light. Aristotle Onassis
Morton Bosniak
Joana Bautista
Jun Liang Zhou
Tessa West
Harmony Reynolds
Caren Larkey
Annette Johnson
Lilly Sypher & Family
The Winkel Family
Ming Chan
Cynthia Johnson
The Briggs Family
Greatness lies in our ability to serve others. Thank you for the opportunity to serve...
Cutolo Family
Milton Adesnik
Tom Sedgwick & Michael Levine
Kyunghee Cho, MD
Paul & Mary Ali
Our prayers are with you.
Melba Boyar
My heart goes out to everyone affected.
Vicky Pavlikos
with all my pleasure
Lea Ann Chen & Bernard George
Debbie Cohn
Judith D. Goldberg
Lou Rhodes
Linda Pettei
Bette Jean Rosenhagen
Eileen Russo
Liz Fackina
For those that have dedicated their lives to helping others, help is always here for you.
Nancy Vanasek
Jennifer Gass
Stacy Fojas-Tauthong
Miriam Pomeranz
Family Barrios-Barrios
The Landis Family
Eva Schulhof
Sue And Tom O'Brien
Aron Mednick
The Lao Family
Dianna Jacob
Vatsal Thakkar &Annalise Caron
Wishing peace and speedy restitution to all of those affected by Sandy.
Dana Soukis
Josie Lee
Marc Gourevitch
Patricia Kalbouros
Zoila Carty-Henry
Ora Ezrachi, Ph.D.
Karen And Rick
Stuart Katz, MD
Todd Harrington
Bevely Ferreira
Laraine Ponella
My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Michael J. Zeller & Family
John Bonavita
Joe And Nancy
God Bless everyone and may we fully recover from this event. Our prayers will always be with you and our strength sent to empower you.
Tony Shorris
Geraldine Pagnotta
Sheila Furjanic
Fritz And Joane Francois
Katy Wesnousky
Deborah Huntington
Yola Kramer
Rochelle & Don Cohen
Larry And Gail Leichman
Tracey O'Neill
Beverly Cohen
Bob Maffia And Family
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Dr. Jonathan Howard
NIck DiGuglielmo
Steven DeBrocky
Janet Cocchiarella
Neil Rambo
Lauren Kreha
Evelyn Taveras
Joe And Brianna Ladapo
Dana Affinito
Aileen Kunitz
Liz Tymczyszyn
Susan DiBello
Megha Bhatnagar
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that's affected by Sandy.
The Alvarez Family
Our prayers are with you during this devastating time. Together, we will overcome this tragedy and emerge better and stronger !!
Judith Hochman
Bob Lindsey
Curtis & Mark
Jacqueline Melamed
Dorra Blacker
Svetlana Yedreshteyn
Robert Grossman And Elisabeth Cohen
Sylvie Rainaldi
Nandita Singh
Christina Kavanda
Bob Papa
Edward Colon & Family
Lori Donaghy
Janet Huege Gershner & Family
Bridget Alston & Family
Martin Colon & Family
University Physicians Network
The Berliners
Steven Flanagan
Char Woods
My thoughts are with all those who have been heroic and those who have suffered significant losses.
Janice Lau
Shannon Jeter
The Delts Family
Anna Maria Barbuti
Purnima Ved & Family
Peggy Carroll
Austin Bender
Ellen Colwell
God Bless you all.
Carmen Lorenzo-Colon
Michelle Gelber
Ilene Masser
Just a small way of taking care of the NYULMC staff who are the true heroes!
Nancy Sullivan
The Hunt Family
We are Survivors.
Doreen Hill
The Shearer Family
You are in our thoughts - wishing you all the best for a fast and completee recovery Linda and Bob Shearer
Susan Jaffe
Ivette Gorczynski
Geraldine Richards
May this small donation assist you in getting your life back in order. Don't give up.
Capdevila/Randall Family
Joann Carpana
Michael Phillips & Sudha Reddy
Pat Nichols/Kevin Vidal
It is our pleasure to be able to help those in need.
Gladys Colon
Diane Taylor
Geoffrey Hall
Thinking about our amazing Faculty, staff and their families
Greg Rhodes
Susan Firestone
Kevin And Sharisse Ng
Jessica O'Brien
Ellen R. Cherrick
In honor of the NYULMC Staff's amazing strength & resilience
Rachel Edwards
Maxine Simon
Xiomara Cruz
Aaron Shamul
Gabriele Grunig
we managed to get through the worst: weather and living conditions are going to improve a lot; work is going to start up again: hang in there & stay safe !
Matia's Family
Joan Cangiarella
Leora Lowenthal
Sheilah Rosen
Karim Habibi
Ira And Susan Schulman
Sadhana Chitale
Nancy Rodriguez
Anna Kornilakis
Susan Waltzman
Kathy Madden
Joel Oppenheim
After being at NYUSoM for more than 40 years, it never ceases to amaze me that besides being such a large institution we are also really a caring community that always unites under stressful times to support one another. I am proud to say that I am part o
Jody Prysock
Alice Fok
The Placantonakis Family
Kelly Wickers
Amitabha Mazumder
Grace Ng
Nancy Sanchez
Reginald Odom & Donna Lennon
I'm proud to be part of this amazing group! I wish everyone well and hope for a speedy recovery for all.
Helping Each Other in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

All of us at the Medical Center have been touched by Hurricane Sandy and many of our colleagues are still feeling the effects of this epic storm, at home as well as at work. Many of you have asked how you can help. By coming together in this difficult time, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of the people we work with while we strengthen the bonds of community and friendship that make NYU Langone the world class institution it is today.

Please make a gift today to the Employee Relief Fund. All proceeds will go directly to help employees who need assistance in the wake of the storm.

Please note: we will not be promoting this fund outside of NYU Langone Medical Center employees and selected vendors. It is simply a way for our faculty and staff to voluntarily help our fellow colleagues. Please do not share this link with anyone other than an NYULMC faculty or staff member.

To give using your credit or debit card, click the "Donate" button above.

If you would prefer to give by check,
please download and print this voucher and mail it along with your check.

Please note: Employees pictured in this page were not necessarily affected by the storm!