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Chris Colfer Army 4 Faces

Donor Honor Roll

Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Dear Hannah & Chris, 2015 is drawing to a close and we wanted to wish you and your family a VERY Happy New Year filled with hope, happiness and lots of love! Love, Grandma Irene & Annabell
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Happy Thanksgiving to the Colfer Family and extended Family, Every time the NYU Langone medical news is received I get excited about what they are able to develop; the most recent issue which included "The Potential of Cannabidiol" really gives hope and Liam O'Brien is one of the rays of hope for all that stay strong each and every day. Hannah, you have a family that is supportive of your every need and they are and will forever be your "champions". I hope you have a beautiful Christmas filled with family and love overflowing. We will be at The Grove on December 5th for Chris' book signing (Yeah, more signed books to donate!!!). We hope to see your smiling face there. Love, Irene and Annabell Vacchetta
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Dear Chris, Wishing you a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY 25th Birthday. You are wise beyond your years and have certainly handled your success with grace and dignity; you have been blessed with so much heart and love for others that I believe you will touch more lives than you will ever imagine in your wildest dreams. It is with much anticipation that I await ALL of your upcoming projects. We’ll see you in New York, Seattle & Los Angeles, I have a need to buy more books to donate to the children’s hospitals, Ronald McDonald Houses, public and school libraries. I can’t wait for the new books in October 2016. . .the anticipation builds. Much love to you, Hannah, your Mom & Dad, Will, Brian & Cooper. Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Dear Hannah & Chris, The year has passed by so fast; I can' believe it will be May this week already. We are so anxious to read TLOS 4 and buy as many books as possible to donate to the Children's Hospitals and Libraries. We are anxiously waiting for the book signing dates to see how many we can schedule around my work. Hannah maybe we can see you at The Grove; that would really be Special, just like you. Annabell shares May as her birth month with Chris; she is not so sure about turning 13 years old though. Chris, we are so looking forward to Noel (you are going to blow the socks off of that part) and all of your other projects and maybe somewhere in the future there will even be some singing; I really miss hearing you on Glee. Maybe singing on one o
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Dear Hannah & Chris, Wishing you and your family a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy, Happy New Year filed with Lots of Love. We wish we could do more so that a a cure could be found sooner. Hannah, you are such a strong young lady with a smile that lights everyones hearts. I have an old picture of you and Chris taped to the back of a binder on my office desk and it always makes me smile; as does the othe photos of a loving brother and sister. Again, I hope you have a SUPER FANTASTIC AND BLESSED CHRISTMAS. Love, Grandma Irene and Annabell
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Dear Hannah and Chris, We are so excited about all of Chris' new books and will be at a book signing; actually as many as we can. The books we buy are being donated to children's hospitals, Ronald Mc Donald Houses, school and local libraries. Hannah we have seen you at a couple of Chris' book signings and hope that someday in the future we can actually tell you hello and let you know how inspiring your strength is. It looks like you had a fun filled Disney Cruise recently; you looked beautiful. We are praying for you and your family. Stay strong and we hope we'll see you and your beautiful smile real soon. A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND MUCH LOVE, Grandma Irene & Annabell
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Dear Chris & Hannah: It was such and honor to share your release of TLOS3 in New York and the last day of of the tour at The Grove; Hannah you looked absolutely "beautiful". I love reading NYU Langone news letters with all of the medical break throughs and miricles. I know that with all of the dedicated researchers and doctors that, Hannah, your miricle is just around the corner. We are praying for you. Take care of yourself and your brother and I hope to see you soon. Grandma Irene and Annabell Vacchetta
Kady De Schrijver
Tracey Burgess
Lindsay & Florence
Love you Chris & Hannah so much!! Have a great BDay Chris!!! Hope to find a cure for Hannah and others like her!!!
Happy Birthday, Chris! See you this summer.
Millie Negron
Nika Vardanyan
Deborah Delsaux
Tracey Burgess
Mary Ann Thomas
In honor of your birthday--a worthy cause. Hope to see you in July during your TLOS3 book tour.
Dragon Dancer
Happiest of Birthdays Chris. So proud of all you do & your love & support for Hannah & all your family.
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
To Chris in honor of his AMAZING sister Hannah. Happy Birhtday Chris; I can't wait to see all of the PHENOMINAL projects you'll turn out in the next 12-months. Old Dogs - New Tricks was the best Glee Epsiode of all. . .SO, has the show secured your writing genius for the entire last season???? I sure hope so. See you in July; can't wait. Lots of love to you, Will, Hannah and your Mom & Dad Grandma Irene & Annabell
Tara C.
As Chris wrote in his dedication for The Land of Stories: The Enchantress Returns, "To Hannah, for being the bravest, strongest, and most honest person I know, and for showing that it's impossible to be 'cursed' when one has a heart as courageous as yours."
This is a fantastic organization looking to help benefit a very scary disorder
Clara Norberg
Carmen Young
Elizabeth Jahn
here's to moving closer to finding a cure for our brothers and sisters who suffer from epilepsy.
Sadie B.
My younger sister battled epilepsy, having several seizures a day. It was so hard on all of us, but to watch her suffer was the worst. Hoping this helps a bit.
Emma Parkes
I hope one day we will find a cure.
Liz Harvey
hoping this year brings a cure
Taara Stewart
Brittani Bartlett
Praying that one day we will find a cure!
Kayla Wilson
Eileen Robichaud
Karen Hoxie
Lisa Silverman
Happy 24th birthday Chris Colfer! I hope this helps get them closer to a cure.
Tracey Burgess
Tracey Burgess
Aya N.
Hi! This is Aya. My twitter account name is AyaN27284583
Millie Negron
Stephanie Strain
For one of the toughest, most caring families around: the Colfers. Hannah's smile is adorable...
Lisa Silverman
Happy New Years! I hope that in 2014 they will be able to make progress towards a cure for this terrible disease.
Irene, Annabell, Jed Vacchett
Dear Hannah & Chris: It's the start of the New Year (2014 WOW!) and there is no better way than to share our Blessings. Much love to you both and to all of the dedicated individuals looking for a cure at NYU Lagone Medical Center. Grandma Irene, Annabell & Jed Vacchetta
Let's find a cure soon. So many people are suffering & need a cure. Great organization, they do good work.
Kelsey Staal
Linda Ann
I've donated before, and said this was for Chris and Hannah, but this time it's for Hannah and her whole family. After seeing the video of Karyn Colfer's story of Hannah's hourly struggles, I just had to donate again. These kids need a cure! There is no reason this should continue for anyone. I am a special education teacher and know too many students, parents and other family members and friends who suffer just as much as the epileptic person. Help these families. Please Donate. Hannah this is for you sweet, beautiful young lady, and your whole family. Stay strong!
Danielle Traylor
Sara Goldman
Patrizia Rosas
Amy P
Here's hope for Hannah and my teenage niece and all the others who suffer from this disease.
Elizabeth Jahn
i am looking forward to the day when our friends who suffer from epilepsy no longer have to suffer.
I personally support this cause because I, too, have epilepsy. Luckily, I do not have to live with as severe a case as Chris Colfer's sister Hannah and Connor have to. I love to know that my money will be put to good use to help to one day find a curse fo
Anne-Marie Sinclair
This is a great cause. Please donate what you can. Every little bit helps
Sharon McKinley
Kristan Suko
Casey Cogan
Lindsay & Mimi
Happy to donate in honor of Epilepsy Awareness Month!! Hope they find a cure for Hannah and others like her soon.
Millie Negron
Here's hoping to better awareness for Epilepsy and better treatment and possibly a cure! Always in my thoughts!
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
We'll keep the faith and I know we'll make the goal and surpass it for Hannah and the prayer for a cure.
Jeanette Bekken
Donation with love from Norway!
Dakota Avery
Proud of Hannah <3
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Dear Chris & Hannah, We are happy be a part of the Chris Colfer Army for Faces and will continue to donate to such a worthy cause. We're keeping you in our prayers. Stay strong & happy. . there's nothing like a SMILE to make life better. I know a cure
Irene & Annabell Vacchetta
Chris: You're always inspiring and SUCH A PLEASURE to greet at your signings. We enjoyed seeing you on Saturday at The Grove and on Sunday in Pasadena. Take care, stay happy and don't forget to stop and smell the roses during your oh so hectic schedule
This is a great cause. I hope you reach your goals. Thanks Chris for being such an inspiration. Good luck with all your endeavors.
Irene Vacchetta
We are on our way to what I hope will be an amazing donation from Chris Colferr Army for FACES.
Amy P.
Again happy BD Christopher and take care Hannah!! Love you both hope there is a cure soon!!
Congrats on your goal!! :)
Ankomah Family
I am so proud of you guys! You are true heroes!! :)
Rob Black
Thanks to everyone involved with making this fundraising campaign possible!
Debbie C
Stephanie Strain
In the hopes that, some day, these conditions will not affect our family, friends and selves. Kudos to the entire Colfer family and all of the other families surviving together.
Kelsey Staal
For Chris and Hannna and all people with this disease! for sure we will defeat it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!
Samantha Watkins
Samantha Watkins
Estee Kalina
Thank you to the amazing people behind this cause for all of their hard work. I wish the happiest of birthdays to Chris, one of my biggest inspirations in life.
Happy birthday Chris!
Maegan Whipple
Happy 23rd Birthday Chris!! You inspire me every day with your positivity,humor,kindness,genuine personality,and passion for life:) Sending a big hug your way:) My best guyfriend suffers from epilepsy, I'm happy to donate to this wonderful cause.
If everyone of Chris' followers on Twitter donated just $1 it would be amazing. The people who could be helped would be awesone.
Andrea Carranza
Hi! Thank you for all this and I hope you get to $6000! My best wishes for you! -Andrea
Happy 23rd Birthday Chris. Hoping to find a cure for your sister Hannah.
Lucy Gilmore
I know what it is like to have someone close to you struggle through a debilitating illness. Know that every donation means we are taking a step towards finding a cure or a way to live with this.
Happy Birthday Chris. Hope we find a cure soon. Sending hugs & kisses to your whole family.
Debi Duran
Happy Birthday Chris!! We pray this helps to find a cure.
Alana Diserio
I hope I can help a little bit! :) I might just be a teenager but I also have epilepsy and know how it feels. Good luck and many hugs to Hannah and her family! xoxo Anne from Germany :)
Hannah Jenkins
Jennifer Heastings
Christine rocked this fundraiser hard!! Congrats friend!!
Amy P
Carolyn Bradley
my mother suffers from epilepsy, so i'm more than happy to give to this cause. happy birthday Chris, and i wish you a great year full of happiness and good health <3
Thank you for bringing awareness to this cause. Thank you, Chris for teaching so many people that they matter and to fight for their dreams and for teaching the rest of us to not make it so hard.
Happy 23rd Birthday Chris; I wanted to make sure the goal was met. It needed to be met. Love to you and your beautiful and inspirational family. We can't wait for your next book signing; made it to the first two.
Stephanie Strain
With hope & affection, particularly to the Colfer family.
Ann Handslip
My late brother had epilepsy so this is a cause that means alot to me, so please everyone keep giving, the physical signs are visible but the mental anguish is so hidden and needs a voice thanks to all who give Ann
Luciana B. Gonçalves
Happy Birthday Chris!! :) You and your family are amazing!
I want to congratulate the girls who are doing such a great job with this project! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate for such a great cause!
Florence Theil
Happy Birthday Chris! I'm sure 23 will be a great year for you. I am happy to support this very important cause and I am grateful my money will help!
Camilla Schultz
Chrissie Nerdo
Happy Birthday Chris!! This is a GREAT cause and I'm glad to be a part of it.
Susan Kufdakis
Hello, Today, I'm adding an additional $20 to the already previous $25 donation. I do hope that this helps nudge you up towards your goal, it is a most wonderful cause! Happy Birthday Chris!
Kristel Greer
Happy Birthday Chris. Hope you have an amazing day and that we raise a lot of money for this really worthy cause. Supporting family members with special needs is a cause close to my own heart and I am only too happy to help . x
This great cause and worth contributing too!
Angela Carter
The Colfer's courage is inspiring. I pray for a cure. God Bless.
Yvonne Walter
Yvonne Walter
Clara Norberg
This is a wonderful cause and I'm very happy to be a part of it!
Anne Marie Sinclair
Happy Birthday Chris
Laura D.
So happy to donate in honor of Chris' birthday and to help find a cure.
The Poyer Family
Happy birthday, Chris! Enjoy being 23 and make the most of everything :)
Linda Ann
Happy Birthday Chris. This is for you and mostly Hannah. I'm a special ed teacher and I know how precious a woman like Hannah is. She has an amazing brother!- *hugs!* - Linda
Shanequa M
For Chris and Hannah. Happy Birthday Chris!
Sharon McKinley
So happy to help Hannah and all who suffer with this horrible affliction.
To Honor Hannah Colfer and the strength she shows everyday. Made on behalf of Chris Colfer for his Birthday.
Ramona Queisser
I'm happy to donate my favorite number [27] to help pass the $ 3,000 mark on this wonderful cause!
Raven Talley
Chris Colfer is a very inspiring person. I'm so greatful for him and his wonderful family. Even if I didn't know Chris I would still donate. I always try to help people in any way I can. Thank you soo much for letting me be apart of this cause.
Margaret Ping
For Hannah Colfer and all who suffer from this horrific disease! Let's find a cure!
Bless you all for doing what you do. So happy to be part of this cause.
Kathryn M
Chris Colfer and his family are so inspirational. What a great way to help and celebrate his birthday
Maegan Whipple
Your Awesome Chris and Hannah!:-) Getting closer and closer to 5 thousand!:-)
Christina Annabel
This is such a beautiful way to celebrate Chris' birthday
Thanks so much for doing this!! Such a great way for Chris fans to give back!! Talk to you on twitter msmarie_b xoxo :))
Stephanie Strain
/hugs to Hanna, Karyn, Chris and Tim...for surviving and still smiling
Karen Fagg
You and your family are amazing! Hope some answers are found soon. xx
Chris and his family are so inspirational. I will continue to give to this cause until no one ever again suffers from this disease.
Millie Negron
I am happy to donate to such a great cause. I hope and pray that there will be more awareness of epilepsy and that a cure is found. I admire Mrs. Colfer and all that she does and Happy Birthday 23rd Birthday Chris! ♥
Angie MacLennan
Peace and Joy to you!
Michelle (Charmedmich)
Happy birthday, Chris. Every day, you make the world a better place, and you inspire the rest of us to do the same. <3
Curing conditions and learning to prevent them is something i am willing to support.
Susan Kufdakis
I was going to donate a dollar for every year, but then it was like $23, come on! That's so cheap! Round up to $25, so I did! Chris, you and your sister are both an extraordinary sibling duo! I think it's remarkable how well you support her :) Coming
Toni Glines
Jennifer Heastings
This is a great cause. I wish I could contribute more.
Kristen Stittsworth
My younger sister had severe epilepsy. I remember her seizures being so scary for us and so hard on her. I hope this small donation helps the cause in some way. I am grateful for Chris Colfer for many reasons, and commend his parents for raising such rema
Carmen Young
Carol Pettersen
I'm glad to contribute to this great cause! Help Chris to raise money to his sister is an amazing present to him and to her :)
Florence & Lindsay
So happy to donate! Such a worthy cause! Happy to help Chris raise the money for his sister Hannah and others like her! Hope there is a cure soon and I hope Chris has a happy birthday!!
I think this is a beautiful way to celebrate Chris' birthday and I'm more than happy to contribute.
Michelle (Charmedmich)
Keep up the good work Chrisie.
Excellent cause! I hope Hannah and many other children like her can be cured soon.
Happy to contribute to the cause.
Kate MacLeod
Such a worthy cause, best of luck with reaching the goal.
Eleonora Meloni
This is really beautiful, I hope it will help Hannah and make her happy!
This is a personal cause for me. My nephew has epilepsy as well.. And I can see how much he struggles, when he has a seizure and after..
Lucile Lechat
I can only hope this helps improve Hannah and other people struggling from similar things as her to have a better quality of life and that this shows how much us Chris Colfer fans truly care about him and his family. <3
S Strain
For Hannah & other brave youngsters & their families
Angie MacLennan
Chris Hallett
This is a personal cause to my heart so very happy to donate.
Jennifer Nicholls
Such a good cause. Hoping for a cure soon <3
Laura Paine
I'm donating $5 for each Colfer sibling :) Lets find a cure for Hannah and hope that Chris has a happy 23rd!!
Sharli Borceguin
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this! :)
This is a great cause. More people need to be aware of this!
Michelle (Charmedmich)
I wish more people would realise the importance of this work and help donate! Thank you for all the work you do.
Lisa Holloway
Hope this can help turn FACES bright in 2013
Sharon McKinley
Great cause!!!
Kelly Anderson
I am donating one dollar for each victim of the Newton massacre. I wish it could be more.
Laura Fortuna
It's an honor to take part in this!
Michelle Baker (Charmedmich)
I love what Chris stands for but I am donating because Karyn is an amazing person and Hannah like many others deserves as much help as we can give.
Margie Berget
Let's find a cure for Hannah!
Nina Ondruskova
Michelle Esser
Thank you for working so hard for those in need! In honor of Chris Colfer's birthday.
Ida Stagsted
It's an honour to be a part of this, and everybody should join
I'm happy to donate to an amazing cause!!!!

As fans of Chris Colfer we all know his little sister suffers from a severe form of epilepsy. For Chris' birthday each year we’d like to raise money to help find a cure for this disorder. Thanks to the help of Chris' mom Karyn we have partnered with the FACES organization. So if you're a fan of Chris & want to give him something for his birthday please donate to this cause. For more information please visit

Thank you,

Chrisie & Casey


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$ 11,100.00

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