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Matt Felder
Kate Hall/Jimmy McNamara
way to go Lizzy!!! good luck!!!
Courtney Bancroft
Go get em Lizzy!!!!!!! Xoxoxox
Andy Donchin
No going back to your old group.
Good Luck Lizzy.
Wendell Scott
Proud of you Lizzy!
Thomas Evans
Best of luck Lizzy! I'll see you at the finish line.
Lauren Femminello
Good Luck Lizzy!!
Brette Carroll
Good luck Lizzy!! Such a great cause to keep on running for, looks like you're getting an amazing day while you're at!
Lauren Fisch
Good luck!!! I am running too, hope to see you on the course:)
Chad Glennon
Good luck Lizzy. Try to run really fast. Eye of the Tiger!
Teryl Brown
Good Lucky Lizzie!
Karen Nepiarsky
Cheering you on!
Jessie Cruz
George & Roseann Montenes
Good Luck Lizzy!!! Love you xoxo
Nicole And Peter Pecoraro
Congratulations and Good Luck!
Amie Olaes
Janis & Jimmy
Best of Luck Lizzy! We're so proud of you!
Ali & Tim Durkin
Way to go Liz! Very proud of you : )
Lauren Weber
Good luck!
Chris Reil
Way to go Lizzy!
Ricky Ryan
Run, Lizzy, Run
Maggie O'Leary
Good Luck Lizzy!! xoox
John & Karen Paloian
Go get em Lizzy!! Proud of you!
Andrea&Bob Arnold
Lizzy, you're a star!
Ian And Gigi Woods
have fun…and go fast lizzy!
Good luck Liz
Jess G
Good luck, Lizzy!!
Good luck phil!
Katelin O
You're awesome Lizzy! Good luck! xox
Catherine Granneberg
All best wishes!!!
Go for it Lizzy! See you at the finish line!
Joyce Restituto-Carlin
Cheering you on to the finish!!
Meghan McMahon
Best of Luck!
Cara, Jake And Charley
Love you lizzy!
Team Laz:Kara, Katina&Leslie
Support from one charity team to another! Best of luck!
Good luck Lizzy!!
Laura LaPre
Good luck!! You are so inspiring!
Claudine Lilien
Good luck! xo
Joan Oxenberg
Good luck Lizzy!
Jessica Ambrogi
run Lizzy run!!xo
Paul Triantafel
Go Lizzy!
Dan Walsh
Good luck Lizzy!
Good luck Lizzy!!
Tina Conarroe
Good luck!
Dave Frieder
Good luck!
Nicole Naimo
Good Luck Lizzy! XX
Kelly Faughnan
Good luck Lizzy!
Emily F
You go girl!
Matt Rockoff
Good luck Lizzy!! - Rockoff
Sarah Jenks-Daly
Yay for you! x
Alli Schultz
Good Luck! I'll see you on the course on 3/16 !!
Lauren Moriarty
Good luck Lizzy! XO
Diana Scully
Good Luck Lizzy!
Dana Freeman
Good Luck!!! What an amazing thing to do and happy to support you.
Sarah Friedman
Good luck Lizzy!
The Hoglund Family
Good luck, Lizzie! XOXO
Casey Gould
Best of luck, Lizzy!
Danielle Mullahy
Good Luck Lizzy! XOXO
Sister Cate & Baby Ava
you go girl!!! We will be at the finish line!!! XOXO
Elle McNamara
Keep running baby girl! xx
Rick Banks
Run, Lizzy! Run!!!
Jessica Novick
Look at my girl go! So proud of you!
Emma Driessen
Good luck Lizzy!!
Allison Daly
This is so great Lizzy!!
Lindsey McMahon
Good luck Lizzy! Run gurl run!
Laura DiMarco
Way to go, girlfriend! So proud of you!
Aly Fishkind
Good Luck Lizzy! So proud of you xo
Lisa Pece
Good luck, Lizzy! What a great cause!
Lauren Glazer
Good luck!!
Mike Law
Good Luck Lizzy!
Billie Gold
Hope you raise your goal and more Lizzy!!!
Freddie Dantus
Emma Jenks-Daly
good luck lizzy! xoxo
Lauren Forehand
Best of luck, Lizzy! What a great cause!
Maggie Jenks-Daly
yay lizzie! run run xx
Mindy Bodenstein
A great thing you're doing! Good luck, Lizzy!!
Anthony G
Good Luck, Lizzy!
Christine Martino
Thank you for being so selfless and making a difference.
Courtnay Crivits
Run Lizzy Run!!
Ali Foley
So proud of you girl!! You are amazing in every way! xoxo
Wishing you a successful! Perfect Cause!
Pam And Jud Koss
Have fun put there Lizzy - so impressive
Keenan Koss
You go, girl! Kick butt!
Bennett And Janine
Cathy Daly
In memory of your Uncle Peter who also fought a great battle.
Joanne Woods
You always were a winner! Congrats! Love, hugs, kisses, Joanne
Virginia Fingelly
With good wishes that you reach your goal! Let's all work to fund research to make a difference!
As many of you know, I will be running the 2014 NYC Half Marathon on Sunday, March 16th. I am running this race for charity and will be supporting FACES, Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures. This campaign is particularly important to me, as I have suffered from epilepsy since I was in seventh grade. FACES is also affiliated with the NYU Langone Medical Center, where I have been a patient for years. I have always been very candid in terms of my epilepsy, so here is how it began....The morning I woke up for my 7th grade ski trip I thought it would be a normal day. Instead of a great weekend in Vermont with my friends, I began a lifelong journey against epilepsy. I went to put in my contacts and the next thing I remember is being in an ambulance and my mom explaining that I had a seizure. What was a seizure? How did that happen? Why did it happen to me? Many of these questions could never be answered. The next few hours, days, months and years changed my life. I have been able to lead a fulfilling, healthy life, but not without medication changes and side effects, dosing errors and uncertainty. There have definitely been challenges, but it has made me a much stronger person as a result. By being an epilepsy advocate I hope to improve the lives of people that have epilepsy. Every dollar donated goes towards research to improve epilepsy care, advance new therapies and foster a supportive community for children, families and caregivers who live with the challenges of epilepsy. Please help by making a donation today! FACES is a fantastic charity to be involved with and I am honored to compete for them. Every little bit counts and I will see you at the finish line!

So far I've raised
$ 6,705.00

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