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Please help us raise much needed funds to find a cure for seizures (epilepsy/febrile seizures). Each penny will help us get one step closer to a cure.

Our son was diagnosed with complex febrile seizures. Dr. Dan Miles and his wonderful staff have taken care of John for the past 3-4 years. We want to give back and thank Dr. Miles and his staff, and to help other kids who suffer from febrile seizures, or seizures in general.

Each year, we organize and plan a hike/fundraiser in Connecticut, called Hike for Tikes. For the past 5 years, we raised much needed funds for CT Children's Medical Center in Hartford, CT. To date, we have raised over $200,000 for critically ill newborn babies in the NICU at CT Childrens.

It is time for a change.. We would like to help out and raise money for the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy and Seizure Center, and to thank Dr. Miles for taking care of our little boy. We would love to raise awareness of pediatric epilepsy/febrile seizures, and to raise much needed funds to help find a cure for pediatric epilepsy.

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