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Samson Wiener

Donor Honor Roll

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Bennett
Thank you.
The Rofé-Grosman's
Teddy Raskin
Matthew Brown
so proud to know you and your beautiful family
Kupferberg/Yadgard Family
Congratulations Samson on your Bar Mitzvah! We were so happy to be a part of this special occasion with you and your family! Love, Rachel and Daniel
The Rosenstock Family
Samson - Mazel tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah! We were so happy to share in this special milestone with you and your family. You did an amazing job at the service, we were very touched by your speech, and the party was a blast. With love - Kim, Jeff, Sam & Julia
The Staubs
Samson - We couldn't have been prouder of you last weekend. You did such an incredible job at your service; your speech truly spoke to your intelligence, maturity, and your evident love for Jonah. Charlie, Oliver, Brian and I had a fantastic time at the sickest bar-mitzvah party on the UWS! Lots of love and Mazel tov on your big milestone. Love, The Staubs
The Fradkin Family
Samson, we are very proud of you and feel honored to share that moment with you. We are very happy to help you with your mitzvah project and to rich your goal. All the best , The Fradkin's
Elena Moser And Janet Linder
Cara & Mike Davidson
Samson - Congrats on becoming Bar Mitvah. Your speech was amazing, the torah reading was flawless and the party was fantastic. We are so happy to have been able to celebrate with you and your family. Mazel Tov. Cara, Mike, Jack and Alex
Amy & Bruce Fuchs
Dear Samson, Mazel tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah! What a beautiful, heart warming ceremony and such a fun party. We look forward to sharing many more happy occasions with you in the future. All our love, Amy & Bruce
The Gaslow Family
Samson - Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! We are so happy to be able to celebrate this occasion with you and help your family support this important cause. XOXO - The Gaslow Family - Peter, Tracy, Jillian, Katie & Danny
Michele And Valerie Garten
Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah. Much to be proud of and so heart warming to continue to support a cause that has affected you and your family. Michele and Valerie Garten
Jeremy Kogan
Samson, Congratulations on becoming a Bar Mitzvah. What a wonderful mitzvah project you and your family are doing. Jeremy Kogan
Richie And Marion
Samson- Marion and I were so happy to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah with you this past weekend. You're a good man for all you do for this charity and for your little bro.
The Wattenberg Family
Mazel Tov Samson! We're so happy we could be there to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you and your family and support this important cause. Xoxo
Jacqueline Segal & Family
Samson, Mazel Tov on becoming a Bar Mitzvah! What a wonderful cause and a blessing! We are so happy for your brother, you and your parents! With Love, Jacqueline, Wendy and Danny Segal
The Silverman Family
Mazel tov! What a great mitzvah project.
Linda And Lowell Dashefsky
Samson, that was a beautiful letter. We are really looking forward to celebrating with you and your family. Love, Linda and Lowell Dashefsky
The Wiener/Schackner Family
Samson - Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah! We are so proud of you. Love, Aunt Allison, Uncle Jeffrey, Sabrina and Simon
Nancy And Stu Schachter
Dear Samson, Congratulations on your bar mitzvah. Raising money for brain research is a beautiful gesture. Your family must be so proud of the man you have become.
Matthew Rosen
Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah. What a wonderful mitzvah you and your family are doing!
Lucy & Issy Blank
Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah!
Noah Janfaza
Good luck Samson on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah. I'm sorry to miss out on your special day but I am happy to help you in your request for donations and to hopefully help with the research and cure for brain tumor patients.
Fran & David Shandel
Always a dollar short and a day late. (That's me). Keep up the good work. Grandpa Neil would be very proud of you and your Brother, as we all are.
Carli And Jon Snyder
Samson, you and J are incredible. So proud to know you both. Congrats on this impressive run, you will both be all ready for Cedar. We love you and your family very much. Love, The Snyders
Ronnie Heller
John Raphael
Frances Mattera
The Ruth And Harvey Gelfenbein Charitable Foundation. Inc.
RLG Foundation
Debra Teramo
Congratulations on such a wonderful mitzvah you have accomplished with your brother!!
Allyson & Andrew Wiener
Samson we are so proud of you! Your love for Jonah is unmatched! Thanks to all of our family and friends who have come out to support our boys! Big LOVE!
Jarvis Family
What a touching letter! You are clearly an inspiration and amazing role model for your younger brother - and all of us. We have no doubt that the Wiener brothers will continue to conquer challenges with unrivaled strength and pride. Mazel Tov!!
The Maline Family
Congratulations Samson on an incredible effort! You and Jonah are so lucky to have each other as brothers, running races and through life side by side. Love, Andrea, Michael, Elizabeth and Grace
The Goodmans
Way to Go Samson!! You are an incredible big brother and Jonah is so lucky to have you by his side. We hope you are as proud of yourself as we are of you!! The two of you together make an awesome team. Treasure the bond you have with another forever and never let it's very special!! Congratulations!! xoxo The Goodmans Jennifer, Ian, Jesse, Brett & Drew
The Brown Family
Way to go Samson!
Adam Hochfelder & Family
Dear Samson. We are so proud of you. You are an amazing brother and we love you and Jonah and your parents and Taco! Love, Henry, Preston & Adam Hochfelder
Nancy Dreyfuss
Congratulations Samson! You are an extraordinary young man and big brother. It is no surprise that you have chosen this project as your Mitzvah. It is a privilege to,know you, Jonah and your wonderful parents. Love, Nancy
The Sloan Family
Great work Samson!
The Hershy Family
Dear Samson , We wish you all the best on your race and are so proud of the strength, courage and love you've shown to Jonah. Mazel tov! Love, Michelle, Bob, Adam, Alexa and Evan
The Malick Family
Sam and JJ, you are amazing boys. You must know that you are capable of anything and everything. Have fun tomorrow and have a great summer at sleepaway! Love from Ava and Cruz
Amy Meadow
Jonah, your positive energy is so inspiring.... I am looking forward to trying to catch you in your race tomorrow! love, hugs, amy, henry & preston
Jacqueline Montfort
Dear Samson, You are an incredible young man for doing this run. Your mother helped save me by giving my friend Dr. Rina's name and number at NY Langone. I had 2 aneurysm's. If I hadn't have had the help from your familiy through my dear friend's the Wichler's I may not be writing this note. You sound like an incredible brother!
Bill McCarthy
Samson, this is such an wonderful project. We are so proud of you and Jonah and know that this run will be incredibly special to both of you. Best of luck, Mr. McCarthy
The Appelbaum Family
Samson, It is so great to see you and your family working so hard for others. Your strength as a big brother has been unwavering even when it was probably so hard to be the well guy. We are so happy for Jonah's good fortune on his last surgery and the fact that these funds really do make a difference for finding new treatments. Good luck to both of you tomorrow on your run!
Susan Sortino
Way to go Samson!! All the best and congratulations! Ms. Sortino
The Egol Family
Samson, You are a wonderful brother, we wish you all the best in your Bar Miztva and in years to come.
The Norton Family
Samson, what a beautiful sentiment. You are an amazing brother, son and friend, and we feel so lucky to have you and your family as part of our lives. So many special times we have shared and so many more to come. Good luck next weekend to you and Jonah. We love you!
Jodi, Jesse & Justin Starr
Samson, we know you and Jonah will rock the race! We are so proud to support you, mazel tov!
The Kupferberg/Yadgard Family
Samson, I am so proud of you! What an inspiring letter. Good luck to you and Jonah on the race on Sunday! Looking forward to your Bar Mitzvah. Lots of love, Rachel, Daniel and Rogan
Wiener/ Schackner Family
Dear Samson - What a beautiful letter! We are so proud of you for taking on this Mitzvah Project and look forward to your Bar Mitzvah. Good luck to you and Jonah in the race! Enjoy it! xoxo Aunt Allison, Uncle Jeffrey, Sabrina & Simon
The Wichler Family
Go Samson!
Stephanie & Howard Meiner
What a wonderful cause, Samson, as you and your brother face a spectacular future.
Marie DiFilippi
I am Fran Mattera's cousin. I am so happy to hear the good news.
The Holmes Family
We are proud to support you in this amazing endeavor. We were touched by your beautiful note and meaningful mitzvah project. All the best to you and Mazel tov. Love, the holmes family.
The Schwartz Family
Congratulations Samson, what a beautiful and meaningful mitzvah. What a great big brother! We will be routing for you!
The Boockvars
mazel tov!
Tucker Mullen
The Wayne Family
What a great Mitzvah project! Wishing both of you good luck in the race! Shari, Steven, Nathaniel, and Tessa
Barry Ernst
Good job Samson. You the man! Your cousins Barry, Kathy, Robert, Kent and Sara
The Mosberg Family
The Silver Family
Samson- We are so proud of you. Not only are you an amazing brother, but also the best nephew and cousin. Can't wait to hear about the race results!! Love, Aunt Raina, Uncle Todd, Cort, and Natalie
The Zashin Family And Jagger
Good luck in the run. You are such a good brother! You will run faster if you imagine Yeezys at the finish line. Xoxoxo
Peter Cohen And Family
We are rooting for you!
The Migdon Family
The Kean Family
Congratulations Samson. The Wieners are one incredible family!
The Ross Family
Samson, You and your brother just continue to amaze us. Good luck on Sunday, and Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah! Love, Tracy, Philip, Alex and Courteney Ross
Marlazzi Family
Samson, with tears running down my face, so touched by what you wrote and so impressed with what a truly remarkable young man and loving empathetic brother you are. Your parents must be bursting with pride. Mazel Tov and best wishes for a great run.
The Kumble Family
Mazel Tov, Samson!
The Samton Family
Thanks for giving us the opportunity to support you and Jonah. Much love Zach, Julia, Jonah and Zoe
Spiegel Family
Samson -- This is amazing that you are doing this. You are wise beyond your years. Good luck on Sunday xoxo
Allan And Jodi Heller
Bruce Lee & Family
Samson, You are indeed an incredible young man.
The Kogan Family
Our love and support to the entire Wiener family! Mazel Tov Samson.
Linda Tabakman
Samson, this is a wonderful and meaningful project! Enjoy the race and Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah.
Phyllis & Jim Strauss
Samson, You're a terrific, caring person and we're sure Jonah is very proud that you're his brother! Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah and enjoy the race! Love, Phyllis and Jimmy
Marilyn &Stanley Moser
Great Mitzvah Project . Congratulations to all.
The Shaw Family
Samson - Jonah is very lucky to have such a special big brother. Mazel Tov and have fun at the race this weekend!
Jeff And Kim Rosenstock
Congrats Samson!! Cant wait to celebrate with you!
The Wattenberg Family
Good Luck Samson!
The Close Family
Samson - Mazel Tov. Congratulations and best wishes
The Miller Family
Jason And Liana Buttles
Jonah, this is absolutely fantastic, you're a great brother, in many ways Sampson should consider himself very lucky - keep training hard and enjoy your Bar Mitzvah. Best, JB and Liana
The Kramer Family
Dear Samson, We have always been so inspired by the love and support you have given Jonah as well as Jonah's incredible courage. We wish you the best of luck in your run! Love, Sue, Rob, Jack and Kayla
Michele Rosenberg and Jonah are so lucky to have each other!!! Wishing you the best11
Greenfader Family
Samson what a beautiful letter and a great cause. We are always so inspired by Jonah's courage. Good luck in the race. Love, Stacey, Gary, Hogan & Hudson
Julia And Ben Clarke
Good luck Samson and Jonah!
The Fuchs Family
Dear Sam, What a beautiful tribute to your brother! Good luck on the big race and Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bar Mitzvah! Love, Amy, Bruce, Daniel & Devon
The Blaustein Family
Mazel Tov Samson!
Hy And Lynne Fox
Wonderful cause. You should be proud of your efforts. Mabel Tov
Lucas Shapiro & Family
Sampson, this is a really great thing to do. It's amazing that you're helping other kids!
Heather & Andy Heller
Samson, you and your family are such heroes! We love you and are always proud of you!
Grandma Freya & Poppy Howie
Samson, we feel very lucky that you are our grandson. Your love and concern for Jonah and for others who need help makes you very special. Your beautiful letter is a marvelous tribute to you, Jonah and your wonderful parents. We love and are very proud of all of you. We will be rooting for you and Jonah next Sunday. Your Mitzvah Project is for a cause that means a great deal to us. Mazel Tov and Much Good Luck!!! Love Always, Grandma Freya & Poppy Howie
Drucker Family
Jeremy, Lisa, Jonah & Benji
Samson, mazel tov. Jonah is lucky to have you as his big bro!
Rose And Steve Ernst
What a wonderful cause!! We are proud of you and your family.
Fredda, Richard, Marshall & Bo
What a wonderful cause to champion. You are a great brother and a spectacular person.
Sharon And Ron Bloomfield
Mazel Tov Samson, keep up the good fight you are a very special brother. Love Sharon and Ron Bloomfield
Richard And Naomi Prever
We are so proud of our terrific great nephews. Samson you are the most caring brother in the world and we know that Jonah will always have you in his corner. This is the best mitzvah project we have ever experienced. Mazel Tov! You have already wowed everyone. Love to all of you, Aunt Naomi and Uncle Richie
The Kaminsky Family
Keep up the good work!
Barbara & Barry Drayer
Good luck on the Run, and Mazel Tov on your Bar Mitzvah!!
Tony And Robin
Wish we could be there to cheer you on. If you guys start to get tired hear the Rocky music in your head.
Cara And Mike Davidson
Mazel Tov Samson. Your compassion and thoughtfulness are an inspiration. Good luck in the big race.
Joanne & Marvin
Samson you are truly a FANTASTIC brother. Mazel Tov on your Mar Mitzvah
Sammi Rubinstein And Family
This is such a great Mitzvah project - mazel tov!
The Staubs
We were touched by your beautifully written message, and are rooting for you and Jonah in your big run next weekend! We are so proud AND impressed. We love you boys (and your mom and dad), and thank you for the opportunity to let us help even just a little bit with this most important cause.
Debbie & Jerry Sholtz
Congratulations. You are a teriffic brother and we are are so proud of you. You experiences will help you all thru your life. Love, Debbie and Jerry Sholtz
Robin And Jason Stein
Mazel Tov!
Bob & Barbara Michaelson
Mazel Tov Samson on your choice of Mitzvah Project and for your love and compassion for Jonah as well as for other people who are suffering from brain tumors.
Gwen & Steve Rosenzweig
Congratulations and Mazel Tov. A worthwhile Mitvah Project. We are very proud of you
Grandma Dinny
Robin Schottenfeld
Marla And David Slater
Dylan Rosen
Croman Family
Dear Friends and Family,

Four years ago, my world was turned upside down. My parents had just informed me that my brother, Jonah, had an extremely large brain tumor that required a very invasive and dangerous operation to remove. He was only 6 years old at the time and had just begun first grade the day before. Fortunately, we had amazing doctors at NYU Langone Medical Center who had access to the most advanced research on brain tumors. With their help, my brother beat the odds and the surgery was a success! However, the recovery was long and difficult. He missed 6 months of school and it was longer before he could return to playing sports, which he loves. While we were lucky, our family realized that many others would not be so fortunate. To help in the fight to give every family a chance at a happy ending, we started the Allyson and Andrew Wiener Brain Tumor Research Fund in conjunction with FACES (Finding a Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures) and NYU Langone Medical Center. The money we have raised has helped to fund research for drugs that shrink tumors as well as helping to support a pediatric neurosurgical fellow.

I could never imagine that three years later we would be one of those families praying again for a miracle. During a routine follow-up MRI, the doctors found another brain tumor in Jonah's head. We were devastated. However, in the three years since Jonah's first surgery a new and significantly less invasive procedure had been developed that could remove his tumor endoscopically (basically arthroscopic surgery of the brain). He was the 18th person at NYU hospital to have this surgery and the doctors said it went so well that they might have to write it up in the medical books! Amazingly, Jonah was back at school and playing sports after only 6 weeks this time (NOT 6 MONTHS!). However, the recovery was still hard and, sitting with him in the hospital, I saw how many families there remained who were not as lucky as us. My goal is to help the doctors find ways to treat people with all kinds of brain tumors and to make treatment so easy that it is as simple as removing a splinter. Everyone should have a chance at a happy ending and no-one should have to go through what my brother had to go through.

This is why I decided for my Mitzvah project (good deed), as part of my Bar Mitzvah, to raise money for our family's Brain Tumor Research Fund. I am trying to get donations to support this terrific cause when I run the 4 mile Israeli Day Race on June 1st. Unbelievably, Jonah will be running the race with me only three months from his last brain surgery! It has been an incredible experience to train with him and to work with him on his recovery. His strength and bravery amaze me. I feel lucky to be able to help him get back to 100% so that he can fully enjoy being a child again and so that he will be ready to go back to Camp Cedar in Maine this summer, one of our favorite places in the world. So please donate and help us to support brain tumor research so that every child or adult with a brain tumor will have hope.


So far I've raised
$ 93,848.00

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