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Jared's Walk

Donor Honor Roll

The Jacobson Family
Jared - We're so proud of you and we really enjoyed celebrating with you at your Bar Mitzvah! This is wonderful what you are doing for your Bar Mitzvah project!! So happy to help you reach your goal.
John And Debbie Pascarelli
Wonderful work Jared. We Love you. Uncle John and Aunt Debbie
Heather Childs
Jared I am so proud of you. I miss you and the family.. try to convince them to come back to Cape Cod soon!
Orla Fagan
So proud of you Jared!
We love you so much Jared!!!
Jared Pascarelli
Kathy Lubarsky
Jared, This is a wonderful idea and I am so happy you are able to help other families who also need to be at the hospital. I am so proud of you and this project!! xo Ms Kathy
Ita Fagan
Shem-Tov Family
Jared, We think the world of you and your family! Mazel tov on your bar mitzvah. Love, The Shem-Tov family
The Osburn Family
Good luck, Jared!
The Deskur Family
Jared, Your Bar Mitzvah was amazing and so are you! We are lucky to know you and your wonderful family. We will be friends forever!! Good luck with your walk! We love you.
Ann Griffiths
Jared - You're a special young man. Good luck with your project!
Epstein Family
Jared, We loved being part of your special day!! Naomi read about your Mitzvah Project and wanted to donate to your walk! - Lauren, Mark, Evan and Naomi
Paula And Steve Karasik
In honor of Jared Pascarelli's bar mitzvah and wishes to help others in the race to overcome epilepsy. Jared, you are an outstanding young man!
Dorie And Damian Osisek
Jared, We are honored to have been invited to share your Bar Mitzvah with you! Getting to know you has truly enriched our lives. Love, Dorie and Damian
Linda McLeod
Jared, I am a friend of your mom from Delaware. You probably don't remember me, but I did meet you and your sister, Brianna just a couple of years ago while you were driving through Delaware. My husband, Norm and I read about your Bar Mitzvah project and
Kim Nelson
Way to go Jared, Carol would have been so proud!
Barbara Lee
Jared, I am so happy to help with your Bar Mitzvah project to help F.A.C.E.S. You don't remember us I am sure, but your friends in Jacksonville remember you ALWAYS and love you. We are very proud of you and how far you have come with your courage and stre
Supporting Research for a Cure and Programs to Support Patients and Their Families

Dear Family and Friends,

My name is Jared. I have epilepsy. I had my first seizure when I was very little. When I was in the hospital a few years ago, FACES helped me. They took care of me and gave me medicine. They played with me and gave my mom and dad a place to sleep, so they could be with me.

For my bar mitzvah project, I am going to walk with my family at the Salt City Walk on July 13th. I also want to support FACES by giving them money to find a cure for all the people with epilepsy. FACES is special because they do research, and they help patients and their families get through the hard times.

My mom says please don't feel obligated to donate. Your prayers, love, and friendship mean the most. Thank you.


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