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Racing against Epilepsy-Gareggiando contro l' Epilessia

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Beatrice Giurlani
RUN FOR LIFE! If you got this far, after all your training, you are already a MARATHONER! Enjoy the journey through one of the most beautiful city! I will be out there volunteering and cheering for you and all the others! Keep calm and carry on! Good luck
Run For Julianna
Thank you for supporting this very important cause.
Sole Lopez
Good luck!!
You are going to kick butt at NYC Marathon, Martina! Great job, Racing against Epilepsy.
Rick T
Good luck in the great NYC Marathon!
Lia De Conti
Sperando che possono essere d'aiuto
Richie Shane
Good luck and grazi for the support!
Michael Alcamo
In bocca al lupo!
Michael And Mariela Kohler
Jacquelyn Segal
Good luck--I'll be cheering you on Marathon Sunday!
Rose Palaschenko
You'll do great in the marathon!
Sue Jean
get it girl!
Good luck and see you at training runs!
Bryan D
Fatto a cazzo
Peri Avitan
Jin Jeon
Run strong, Martina!
Justin Matthew Chin
Let's get this ball rolling, people! Come on! Come ooon!
Running the NYC Marathon 2013 to support epilepsy awareness and to raise funds for improving the quality of life of those affected by epilepsy and seizures
Welcome to my fundraising page! My name is Martina and on November 3rd, 2013 I will be running the ING New York City Marathon. Running this marathon has always been the dream of a lifetime for me and now that I am about to realize it, I would like to add meaning to these 26.2 miles by supporting epilepsy awareness and raising funds for FACES. FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures) is a comprehensive epilepsy center affiliated with NYU Langone Medical Center which funds research to improve epilepsy care, advances new therapies, and fosters a supportive community for children, families and caregivers who live with the challenges of epilepsy.

The reason why I decided to support this specific cause is because I believe that epilepsy does not receive adequate attention and most people are not aware of its seriousness. For instance, did you know that epilepsy affects over 3 million Americans of all ages (more than Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and Parkinson’s Disease combined) and that up to 50,000 Americans die each year from seizures and related causes? Yet out of the $30 billion that the National Institute of Health spends on medical research, just half of 1% is spent on epilepsy. To me, this is simply outrageous and I feel obliged to do something about it. However, in order to do so, I need YOUR help. Please, help me spreading the word! Let's make as many people as we can aware of the consequences that seizures can have and let's raise as much as possible to help FACES finding a cure and help those affected by epilepsy and seizures live a better life. I had a dream and I am about to realize it-let's give these people the same opportunity.

You can follow my running journey towards the ING New York City Marathon 2013 and read more information about epilepsy and the FACES program by following my blog: There, you will find updates about my marathon training and you will also be able to see the serious consequences that seizures can cause by reading the stories of some of the patients at FACES. Moreover, you will also be able to see what FACES has done and what it keeps doing to help these patients.

Thank you for stopping by! Martina

Correndo la maratona di New York per sostenere la ricerca sull' epilessia

BENVENUTI! Mi chiamo Martina e il 3 novembre partecipero' alla maratona di New York. Correre questa maratona e' sempre stato un mio grande sogno e ora che finalmente avro' la possibilita' di realizzarlo, vorrei dare a questi miei primi 42 kilometri un significato speciale raccogliendo fondi per FACES (Finding A Cure for Epilepsy and Seizures). FACES e' un centro per lo studio e la cura dell' epilessia che fa parte dell' ospedale NYU Langone di New York. Lo scopo principale di FACES e' trovare una cura contro l' epilessia e migliorare la qualita' della vita di coloro che soffrono di questa malattia. Ho deciso di sostenere FACES perche' ritengo che l' epilessia non riceva un' adeguata attenzione e perche' la maggior parte della gente non conosce le terribili conseguenze che un singolo attacco epilettico puo' provocare. Ad esempio, lo sapevate che oltre 3 milioni di americani soffrono di epilessia (una cifra che supera il totale di americani affetti da sclerosi mulipla, distrofia muscolare, paralisi cerebrale e morbo di Parkinson) e che almeno 50,000 di loro muoiono ogni anno a causa di crisi epilettiche? Eppure, dei 30 miliardi di dollari che il ministero della salute mette a disposizione ogni anno per la ricerca, meno dell' 1% viene speso per effettuare ricerche sull' epilessia. Personalmente, ritengo che questo sia vergognoso e mi sento in dovere di fare qualcosa. Ma per fare cio', ho bisogno del VOSTRO aiuto. Aiutatemi a creare consapevolezza sull' epilessia e a raccogliere piu' fondi possibili per trovare una cura! Per documentare il mio viaggio verso la maratona e fornire piu' informazioni sull' epilessia e su FACES, ho anche creato un blog: Per ora il blog e' esclusivamente in inglese, ma vi consiglio vivamente di darci un' occhiata!

Grazie per la visita e per il vostro aiuto! Martina

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